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Berlin is a divided city: not a city divided between capitalists and communists, but instead a city divided between bohemians and yuppies. When the Berlin Wall fell, the eastern half of the city emptied out, and property was generally cheap. Artists, slackers, anarchists, and other bohemians filled in the void, and made the once-dreary east an increasingly area to live. And as everyone knows, once the starving artists make a neighborhood desirable, yuppies swoop in to buy property.


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Homestries II


Homestories invites German and Ukrainian artists, architects and curators to present and discuss their impressions, critique, their ideas, hopes and visions about the notion of home as the interface between the private and the public. Key issues will be the privatisation of public housing, gentrification processes and forms of resistance.

Homestories is a project by Ania Corcilius, Inken Reinert, Janine Sack and Inga Zimprich

The Gentrification of East Berlin, 09 FEB 2009


By Christoph Scheuermann in Berlin

Politicians, residents and investors are embroiled in a fight over the banks of Berlin's Spree River. Part of the issue boils down to the fundamental question of whether it will be citizens or the business community that shapes the city's image.

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