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Open letter from AIM to the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Klaus Wowereit, dated 29th October 2008

Dear Mr. Wowereit,

As Citizens' Initiative Marthashof/ AnliegerIniative Marthashof AIM we want to use this open letter to draw your attention to urban planning abuses, asking you as an elected politician to shoulder responsibility and express our desire to more right to a say.

That these buildings in the Oderberger street could be preserved, we owe those who some 25 years ago lived and worked in this quarter: committed citizens of the GDR, among them the deceased Bernd Holtfreter, in opposition to their government, they dared to obstruct eradication on favour of planned prefabricated buildings.
What an irony of fate that these pioneers of the turnaround made it possible that these houses now serve as a backdrop for the new anachronistic buildings who's new residents take all sorts of security measures against their neighbors.

for AIM: Dr Adama Ulrich, Silvia Kollitz, Claudia Herring, Joerg Schleicher, Mario Feist


By Christoph Scheuermann in Berlin

Politicians, residents and investors are embroiled in a fight over the banks of Berlin's Spree River. Part of the issue boils down to the fundamental question of whether it will be citizens or the business community that shapes the city's image.


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