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Blog it's getting tight: architects usually do not display neighbouring houses when drawing their plans... As one can see on the below photo, very close to the Kastanienhoefe building (white house on the right), the 5-6 level buildings of Marthashof on the left are under construction.


Hello Kai,

Thank you for your email of 04 November 2008 below.


too high, too close!

In this sense, with best greetings


Email from Kai dated 04.11.2008


Very rich information you have here on the page, well-researched! Have you ever been since spoken with people in the Marthashof or Kastanienhoefe/ chestnut gardens who want to live and be here?

I will move to the Kastanienhoefe and had actually hoped that last Friday at the topping-out ceremony I would be able to contact you, but apparently none of you were there (at least not officially). A pity, but certainly is yet another time.

Incidentally, in my case, this is not a second, I live in Berlin for 5 years (currently in Mitte), and I am not planning to earn money with rental, but just live here, because I find very beautiful here.

Many greetings



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Baummassaker 26. Februar 2008 Bild

Foto: Björn Kietzmann

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